Hair Growth Science

Hair loss is directly related to our genetics.

There are 6 factors that can hinder or promote hair growth and they are all at the mercy of our genes. Since human genome sequencing began, we have explored numerous ways that differences in genes can impact our bodies and our lives. At Nimbus, we’ve created the first genetic test for hair loss and leverage personalized prescriptions to address the root cause of it.

Hair growth regulators

The metabolism of hair growth regulators, like prostaglandins, can either help our hair grow or cause the hair follicle to shrink and stop growing.  


Improper management of inflammation is the root cause of many problems in our bodies and it plays a big role in hair loss. 

Hormonal effect

 Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the primary hormone responsible for hair loss. 

Blood flow

Hair follicles are living tissue and need a steady supply of nutrients from blood flow to remain healthy. 

Collagen formation

This protein is a building block for joints, nails, connective tissue, and skin. 

Vitamin and mineral metabolism

Vitamin A and biotin are important for normal hair growth and our diets are often deficient in these nutrients. 

Identifying and targeting
your hair growth obstacles.

Which root causes may be affecting
your hair growth?

Triple-verified product research.


Peer-reviewed and published—a distinction normally reserved for pharmaceutical methods.


While many supplement brands rely on ingredient studies, we clinically test our finished hair growth formulas to show that they improve hair growth.


The ingredients in our patented Synergen Complex® are each backed by clinical research.