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Beginning with an online visit with direct access to licensed healthcare professionals, and continued with ongoing care and prescription refills, Nimbus focuses on the individual and all of their healthcare needs. Nimbus’ platform allows its members to receive care at any time of day from any location.

Nimbus is the first digitally native, fully verticalized multi-condition health platform, providing treatment backed by scientific experts, board-certified physicians and proven methods.

Advancements TV with Ted Danson

We are pleased to share that Nimbus was featured as a thought leader in healthcare and personalized medicine on the Advancements TV series, which aired on a number of different networks. The educational series highlights technological advancements, and the companies behind them, that will have a positive impact on modern society. This award-winning program specifically sought out Nimbus for our disruptive vision of what healthcare can be and who can access it. We were honored to be included and appreciated the opportunity to spread the word about our platform.

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